5 Amazing Benefits of Retinol

Vitamins are certain necessary compounds in our diet that play critical roles in many important reactions of the body. They are needed in very small amounts, but their deficiency can give rise to a lot of problems. Every vitamin has its own particular role in the body. Vitamin A or retinol as it is commonly known plays its part in a number of ways as well. Amid its other functions, its major role is in the regeneration mad maintenance of the skin. It is also necessary for good vision as well. Here we describe the many benefits that you can avail from this wonder vitamin.
The most prominent role of retinol is its ability to prevent aging. We all detest wrinkles and fine lines. Well, retinol ensures that the healthy tissues of the skin are regenerated frequently. It increases the elasticity of the skin and ensures abundant moisturization which smoothes out those fine lines. It also plays a part in collagen production, making sure that an abundant quantity is present in the skin to maintain firmness. This helps get rid of all the blemishes and makes your skin young once more!
Retinol has an amazing antioxidant power. This allows it to combat the harmful free radicals that are constantly being produced in the skin and circulating in the environment. This helps reduce the damage, and thanks to its regenerative power, it also hastens regrowth of healthy structures which leaves your skin soft and smooth.
Controls acne
A major use of retinol is in acne creams. This is because retinol, aided with its antioxidant, exfoliating and regenerating power is great for overcoming the damage of acne bacteria to the skin. The result is evident. People who have dry skin can actually see the dead skin scraping off to reveal healthy skin beneath when they apply retinol.
Improves vision
Vitamin A is an important part of the visual pigment in the eye. A deficiency can lead to night blindness and persistent deficiency can permanently tamper with your vision. Retinol is beneficial in such conditions because it ensures that your body gets the necessary amount of vitamins needed to maintain healthy vision.
Great for sunburns
Having to deal with sunburns is a nuisance. The free radicals in ultraviolet light cause excessive damage to the skin cells, which results in the angry red marks. Retinol, with its antioxidant properties and great ability to regenerate the skin works brilliantly to heal these sunburns. However, you need to be cautious.
All these benefits of retinol point towards how important this vitamin is for the health of your skin and vision. There are numerous retinol products in the market that provide these benefits, however, an exceptional one is the retinol serum. Due to the amazing consistency and the penetrating power of the serum, it reaches the deepest part of the skin to rejuvenate the skin from the core. You can get the serum easily here at Holly Berry Cosmetics. So why the wait, get your bottle of magic and make your skin look flawless.