Teeth Whitening Kit for a Beautiful Smile :)

Beautiful teeth are everybody’s dream. Your pearly whites are the highlight of the show when you smile or talk, and you have to admit people who have shining teeth have glamorous smiles. However, with the wear and tear and the usual accumulation of plaque and pigments, teeth yellow with time. It doesn’t matter how often you brush them, they will get that yellow tinge ultimately. To keep them sparkling, people often visit dentists and undergo expensive procedures. What if we tell you that you can whiten your teeth at home at only part of the cost? Yes, holly berry cosmetics brings you your own professional teeth whitening kit that will help make your teeth as white as ivory, once more!

The kit contains 4 high-quality whitening gels with 2 Thermoforming mouth trays syringe tips that ensure accurate placement of the gel and longer application for maximum results. A teeth shade guide is also provided which allows you to judge the difference yourself. Along with these things, there is also an extremely effective blue laser that hastens the reaction and puts all the pieces to play for rapid effect. Proper treatment can result in remarkable improvements within 5-7 days. The reason these kits work so effectively is due to the wonder blend of fast acting ingredients of the gel. Let us introduce you to the many beneficial ingredients in this teeth whitening kit, which will help you realize how this gel can work wonders.

Carbamide peroxide

Instead of the toxic bleaching agent hydrogen peroxide, which can have deteriorating effects on your teeth, we have selected the carbamide peroxide, which does take longer than its more reactive counterpart but is much safer for at home teeth whitening procedures. As the gel is not too reactive, it is suitable for all kinds of teeth, yet, it is still efficacious enough to peel off that yellow layer and bring out the pearly whites from beneath.


This is basically a kind of booster. The prime function of carbopol is to keep the formulation together in a gel-like form, which allows easy application. It also ensures that oxygen is released slowly, providing slow, bit well-maintained bleaching action. This delayed effervescence and a more viscous gel make sure that the product stays on the teeth for long, allowing time for thorough diffusion of the active ingredient into the core of the enamel. This makes sure that the teeth are bleached effectively.


This acts as the stabilizer of the components. It releases urea which helps to maintain the optimum pH for the action of the gel. It also functions to stabilize the peroxide, preventing rapid deterioration. The sustained release is likely to increase the effectiveness of the gel, transforming your teeth into dazzling whites!


The gels are infused with fresh menthol flavor. As the product will be placed for quite some time in your mouth, the menthol flavor makes it easier to adjust to. It also gives you a refreshing breath throughout the day.

The application procedure is easy to understand and perform as the product comes with an easy to follow instruction manual. Most of the steps are similar to what a professional dentist does to your teeth. Let us elaborate on each step to give you a better idea of how to use this product.

Step 1

Start by brushing your teeth thoroughly to make sure there is no plaque on your teeth. This allows the gel to be linked to your teeth directly, instead of having to battle through layers of plaque.

Step 2

You need to shape the thermoplastic tray to your teeth. Soften the tray by placing it in hot water and then adjust it to the lower part of your teeth. Once you have a good mold, to begin with, you can move on to the next part.

Step 3

To start the whitening process use the syringe to apply the gel on the mouth tray, taking care to only apply on the area that will cover the exposed parts of the teeth. This helps save gel for longer use.

Step 4

Place the tray against your teeth, taking particular care not to bruise your gum in the process. If the gel seems to irritate your gum you can easily readjust the mouth tray and prevent the gel from coming into contact with the gums.

Step 5

Finally, place the LED blue light in your mouth and hold it in place for about 15 min. Once done, simply remove the tray and the area and brush gently. The high power, blue, LED laser that comes with the kit can activate and hasten the process, making sure that the whitening reaction seeps into the core.

You need to repeat the process for on 5-7 consecutive days to ensure the maximum effect. However, a word of caution is due, prolonged exposure to bleaching agents can literally eat away the enamel and cause severe disturbances, carries, and deficiencies. Hence, the perfect balance lies in optimum exposure, not more not less.

Considering the great benefits of the ingredients, it’s no wonder that this product can work miracles. Holly berry cosmetics teeth whitening kit provides you with a rapid solution for your yellowing teeth. You don’t need to worry about your yellowing teeth anymore. Now you can whiten them at home, in a week! Why waste hundreds of dollars when you can have remarkable results at home? The whitening kit is surely one of the best solutions for a rapid teeth makeover. Try this unique kit out, it’s sure to leave you speechless!