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If you took a second to search the internet for natural remedies to sunburn, the internet is going to bombard you with haphazard knowledge most of which are so impractical that it’s almost funny.


I am pretty sure you wouldn’t be too excited to lather your whole body with honey in order to treat your sunburn. Especially if you like wearing clothes, or sitting on furniture or leaving you house.


What really causes sunburn?

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Thankfully there are more reasonable options that can help you achieve amazing results against sunburn with minimal effort and using regular things you might find around your home. You can make this recipe in a couple of different ways depending on what you have on hand. Here is what you need:



Option #1: Witch Hazel.


Extracted liquid witch hazel, obtained from processing branches and twigs from witch hazel shrubs, are rich in antioxidants that work wonders in reducing inflammation and resisting oxidative stress in skin. It has also been found to be particularly helpful in UVB related skin irriation.


Witch Hazel a simple but effective herb for skin care.

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Witch hazel has two notable active ingredients, namely,


Tannis – Found mostly in the barks and leaves of the plant, they are amazing agents that actively reduce skin inflammation and soothe many types of irritated skin. Tannis is often considered the most important of reasons why witch hazel is so effective in treating sunburned skin. It can also work wonders on acne and eczema-prone skin if used resgularly.


Gallic acid – Found mostly in polyphenol rich plants like blueberries, this is also a very effective oxidant that helps soothe inflammation.


When choosing a brand, choose one that double distill their extract. Also, make sure that the product has more than 80% organic witch hazel. Try and find one that uses minimal alcohol solution so that it is gentler to use.


We recommend Aloe Vera Gel from Organic Cold Pressed its from Amara beauty. You can find the latest price on Amazon HERE.



Option #2: Apple Cider Vinegar.


Although the science on why apple cider vinegar is helpful on sunburnt skin is not very clear, studies have shown that it is indeed been helpful in catalyzing the healing process. Find apple cider vinegar here. Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, 32 oz on Amazon 


There are varied schools of thoughts on why it is effective ranging from apple cider vinegar balancing the pH levels of the skin to it replenishing the skin with high quantities of pectin, vitamins and minerals.


Apple Cider Vinegar for sunburns.

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Essential oils that can be used as an after sun spray.


Studies have shown that lavender and German chamomile essential oils work like magic when it comes to soothing irritated and sunburnt skin. If you don’t have them at hand, helichrysum can also be considered. Known as Immortelle, it is renowned for its healing properties and tissue regeneration.


Peppermint and rosemary can also be used since they have a cooling effect on the skin but they should not be used if the subject in question are small children. Peppermint is also not recommended for pregnant women and lactating new moms since they can mess with the breast milk supply. If you are looking to use one of these essential oils for this recipe, my suggestion would be to use about 12 drops for optimal results.


If you don’t have any of the aforementioned essential oils available, you could also try carrot seeds, Manuka or neroli.


Cocoa butter is a wonderful moisturizer and rich in fatty acids which has been shown to improve moisture retention in skin. It is also a very good with improving the quality and elasticity of the skin.


Coconut oil is also an active agent in energizing your skin and catalyzing to heal faster. Like cocoa butter, coconut oil too has fatty acids that is essential for the skin to heal itself.


Olive oil is rich in antioxidants that can easily penetrate deep into your skin and neutralize any free radicals that may cause skin damage. And the best part is, it doesn’t clog your pores so you feel fresh and radiant all throughout.


Aloe vera gel is known the world over for its anti-inflammatory properties but what many people don’t know is that aloe vera is also a wonderful antioxidant. It is also shown to have active compounds that help in managing pain.


Important note on moisturizers.


Applying moisturizers to sunburned skin might not be the best idea since it can act to trap heat and impede the healing process. Therefore it is recommended that moisturizers be not used at all until the skin is cool and there are visible signs of healing. When the skin is in a better condition, you may consider using calendula infused oil or tallow balm as a gentle moisturizer that will replenish your skin with hydroxyl compounds thus aiding the healing process further.



Homemade after sun spray recipe #1




2 ounces of witch hazel (preferably with low alcohol so that it is not drying) OR
2 ounces of apple cider vinegar (best if you use raw)
2 ounces of distilled water
10-12 drops of lavender or German chamomile or helichrysum essential oil. If you don’t have any of these, alternate options are listed above for your reference.


We love this empty spray bottle, you can put your favorite after sun in. It’s on Amazon you can find the latest price and customer reviews here.




Add the witch hazel extract or apple cider vinegar to a dark glass spray bottle. Now add the essential oil to the bottle and shake well for it to mix well together. Next, remove the cap of the bottle and add the two ounces of distilled water. Place the cap back on and shake well. Use as and when needed.


Please make sure that you use dark spraying bottles because it has been shown to protect the essential oil compounds better from sunlight than its clear counterparts.


Essential oils easily oxidize when it comes in contact with sunlight and oxidized essential oils are horrible for the skin since they irritate the skin even more rather than soothing it. If you can’t get your hands on a dark spray bottle, consider storing your bottle in a dark cabinet in order to preserve it from oxidizing.


Using the spray.


Shake the spray well so that the mixture is consistent. Cool the skin by either sitting under the fan for some time or washing the skin with runny water and patting it dry with a towel. Spray on the affected areas of your skin as needed.


Shelf life.


Store the bottle in your fridge and use it within the week.



Homemade after sun spray recipe #2




3 tbsp of aloe vera gel
1 tbsp of olive oil
2 tbsp of coconut oil
1 tbsp of cocoa butter
15 tbsp of lavender essential oil


Don’t forget you will need a spray bottle so you can put your favorite after sun in it. Our favorite is here on Amazon you can find the latest price and customer reviews here.




Take all of your ingredients in a bowl and mix it until it becomes a creamy paste. For best results, heat the coconut oil and cocoa butter to warm before adding them to your mixture. Once the consistent creamy texture is achieved, pour it in a small jar. Store it in a cool dark place to avoid oxidization. It is best to store it in a refrigerator for the immediate extra coolness when you apply it to your skin. Ideally, the spray at this proportion should last you all summer.


Using the spray.


Simply cool off your skin by sitting under the fan for a while or washing it with runny water and pat it dry. Once your skin is dry and cool on the surface, use the spray on the affected are in a way that the whole area is covered in the solution. Be generous with your application and use hands if necessary to reach around bone structures.


Shelf life.


The spray should be good for about 45-60 days if it is refrigerated and stored in a dark bottle.


The best way to prevent sunburns is to use sunscreen BEFORE you step out into the big bad world. But in case you forgot and now are looking for solutions to quickly fix an irritable skin, we hope this guide helps you get some relief.



Related questions.


Will rubbing aloe vera on my sunburn help?

Aloe vera is touted as the “burn plant,” the perfect natural remedy for a bad sunburn, and according to multiple studies. In addition, aloe vera oil can moisturize the skin, helping you avoid the peeling normally associated with sun damage.


Can I mix aloe vera with my body cream?

Yes of course. Mixing aloe Vera gel with cream will soothes your skin and moisture it and gives a smooth texture on it. Of course you can mix aloe vera with your cream, as long as it is 100% natural and there is nothing added to it.

Home made after sun lotion
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