Benefits of Coconut and Argan Oil for Hair.

Benefits of Coconut and Argan Oil for Hair.


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Hair is every woman’s vanity and is the prime focus for many of us.


Those long, shiny locks, waving and bouncing in the air is a dream for most of us. However, more often than not, our hair tends to get damaged with split ends and what not. The long Lank of hair hangs limply around the face and that bouncy wave of your dream is reduced to a lifeless stash of strands that hardly give out any flair at all.


What’s more applying a number of modern repair solutions, shampoos and conditioners seem to damage the hair further, instead of repairing them. So, what do you do? Well, going organic is a great choice! There are a number of different oils and organic serum that sink through the hair to nourish it.


Coconut and Argan oil are two oils that are known to have miraculous powers in repairing hair and stimulating growth. Here we describe the many benefits of each organic oil to give you an idea of the usefulness of these miraculous bottles of magic!


Coconut Oil.


coconut oil hollyberry cosmetics


  • Stimulates hair growth, coconut oil sinks into the root of the hair follicle and stimulates hair growth at the core. This results in the development of long, luxurious hair that is healthy and strong. The oil contains abundant quantities of omega-3 fatty acids that serve to nourish the hair cells and provide the optimum environment for growth. So, if you have thinning hair, organic coconut oil is one of the best remedies to apply.


  • Conditions the hair, the coconut oil is loaded with nutritious vitamins, minerals and medium chain fatty acids which are all necessary for repair. Hence, coconut oil, being free of any toxic chemicals, while harbouring all the nutritious goodies is the perfect ailment to smooth up the dry, brittle hair and treat those split ends to get those smooth locks that you wish for.


  • Anti-dandruff, one of the most renowned uses of coconut oil is its ability to treat dandruff. The oil drenches the scalp and helps rejuvenate the cells of the skin. It also moisturises and nourishes the scalp to ensure that the skin stays healthy, which ensure the skin doesn’t flake off and hence, prevents dandruff.


  • Helps detangle the hair, rough tangles, and stubborn knots can be really troublesome. Detangling them can result in significant damage, which can result in that rough, dry and battered look. Coconut oil, on the other hand, sinks into the hair shaft and adds a protective covering on top that makes the hair slide over one another easily. This limits the damage during detangling to a bare minimum so that your hair remains silky and smooth.


  • Softens the hair, thanks to the nutritious fatty acids and the softening properties of coconut oil, it is able to penetrate through the hair shafts and soften the strands to give you soft hair. Also, the added hydrating power of the oil, coupled with its ability to create a protective coat, preserves the softness of the hair, making them shiny and free from damage.


Clearly, coconut oil can yield a number of benefits and is one of the best options to try for rapid healing. The benefits can be increased several folds if the oil is combined with another nutritious product, the organic Argan oil.


Argan Oil.


argan oil hollyberry cosmetics


This oil is called liquid gold for a reason! The vast uses it has, have benefits for the skin and for the hair as well, adding worth to every drop. Here are some of the prominent benefits of this miraculous liquid obtained from the kernels of the Argan tree.


  • Hair styling, Argan oil has frizz taming properties. It. Also contributes that healthy shine and subtle look, which is why a couple of drops are often used after a shower as a pre-styling ritual Not only does it help tame all those troublesome strands flying about, it also helps repair and strengthen the hair from within.


  • Anti-inflammatory, sometimes the dry conditions of the environment leads to inflammation and rashes of the scalp. This has a negative effect on the surrounding hair follicles and can make the hair fall off. Argan oil has anti-inflammatory properties that work into the scalp and helps soothe it. It also treats the eczematous rashes, helping provide optimum conditions for the hair to grow.


  • Hair conditioning, Argan oil can make your hair soft, shiny and really silky. It gets absorbed into the hair shaft and also forms a protective layer on top to prevent evaporation of excess water which preserves the hair. This also serves as an effective shield against the dirty and dry conditions that our hair is exposed to on a daily basis. Apply the oil for an hour before a shower or apply a few drops after one to avail the entire range of benefits of this liquid gold.


  • Protects the hair from the heat of blow dryers, the most common means of damage today is by blow-drying or styling the hair with heated rods, the heat strips the hair of any moisture and damages the protein resulting in that battered, lifeless look. Argan oil creates a protective shield around the hair. The layer of oil acts as a barrier between the heat and the hair. Also, the added hydration prevents the hair from completely drying out, so the damage to your hair is minimised.


  • Protects hair when swimming, you may have noticed how battered and tangled our hair looks after a swimming session. This is because the chlorine in pools damages the hair and drains all the water from them. However, applying Argan oil to hair before a swimming session creates an effective barrier between your hair and the chlorinated water, which helps to reduce damages to a bare minimum.



All in all, organic Coconut and Argan oil are a great way to add life to your hair and protect it from damages. However, not all oils are created equal and some may have harmful chemical additives that counterfeit the effectiveness of the oil. Holly Berry cosmetics is known for its range of effective and pure organic products. The Argan and coconut oil from Holly Berry Cosmetics are created to be 100% pure with no added chemicals to maintain the effectiveness of these beneficial oils.


Persistent application of these oils to your hair will help you get rid of any scalp problems, eradicate dandruff and will promote long, silky, bouncy hair that you always wanted. Give them a try, you will be bewitched by their effectiveness for sure!


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