Choose the best eyebrow shape for your face.


Choose the best eyebrow shape for your face.


shape of your face


Shaping your eyebrows can be a little intimidating at first— we all so desperately want that beautiful “Instagram-arch” that we see all the top beauty bloggers rocking. However, sometimes it’s more important to figure out what suits your individual look best! Did you know that certain face shapes are actually better suited for a particular shape eyebrow? Well keep reading so you know exactly what to tell your waxier or threader next time you go for an eyebrow shape up!





The key to finding an eyebrow shape that suits your face is to play up the complementary angles. So if you have a rounder face (this is usually defined by those persons whose face is widest at the cheeks and almost as wide as it is long), then your eyebrows should be more angular in shape to complement those sweet cherub cheeks! A nice high arch will give your round face a bit more definition. Just not too sharp, you don’t want to look perpetually angry!





The same goes for you ladies with a square-shaped face, but just in reverse! Square faces tend to have a lovely strong jawline with the forehead, cheeks and jaw all roughly being the same width. Since your face is already so defined and angular, experts recommend that you soften those angles up a bit with gently rounded brows. However, like we said before, too much of anything can be a bad thing, so don’t go too round or you might end up with rounded cartoon eyebrows!





If you are born with an oval face, it means that your face shape is already quite symmetrical. You have a wide forehead, sharp cheekbones which then gently taper to a narrow chin. Due to the proportionality of your face, your brows should also be proportionate— not too long, not too short, not too sharp and not too round! You are like Goldilocks— your eyebrows should be just right!




Heart shaped ladies are very similar in shape to oval shapes except your jaw and chin are much narrower and therefore less prominent. This basically means your face is a little “top heavy” so you should strive to balance it out. Avoid making your eyebrows too bold or thick as this will further diminish a weaker jawline. While we never advocate for thin eyebrows, make you’re your brows are well shaped and well-kept for a neat and tidy look!

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