The Benefits of Myristol Pentapeptide.


The Benefits of Myristol Pentapeptide.


The latest fashion trends demand long lashes and fuller brows. However, not every woman is blessed with these features. Lots of women suffer because of sparse eyebrows and eyelashes. However, you don’t need to worry, because a number of different techniques can be used to increase eyelash growth spectacularly.


Particularly myristoyl pentapeptide is a revolutionary peptide that can help you get magnificently long eyelashes and fuller brows. The holyberry cosmetics eyelash and eyebrow growth serum is a nourishing serum with myristoyl pentapeptide as the active ingredient.


The peptide houses a number of amazing benefits for hair growth and skin. The dual role of the serum allows the peptide to work miracles targeting both aspects of hair growth by providing nourishment to the hair and optimizing the surrounding skin for optimal growth. Although battling genetics is hard, the peptide can help counteract the many harmful effects of the environment that hasten hair loss.


The specially formulated eyelash and eyebrow serum help target eyelash and eyebrow growth at the growth. Here we explain How myristoyl pentapeptide can work to give you voluminous and thick eyelashes and envious eyebrows.




Myristol pentapeptide has powerful antioxidant functions that help get rid of all the free radicals in the skin. These damaging free radicals harm cells and stunt growth resulting in loss of lashes and minimal regrowth. The hair that does grow back is short and doesn’t have that beautiful luster that you want. Myristol pentapeptide helps to rid the skin and hair follicles of these damaging radicals and prevent hair fall.


It also optimises the environment to stimulate the growth of new lashes and to help the hair grow longer. The optimal, toxin free conditions are the ideal surroundings for better hair growth.


Provides a variety of nutrients.


Often the eyelashes and eyebrows stop growing simply because they lack the proper nutrients. This is why holy berry cosmetic’s eyelash and eyebrow growth serum contains myristoyl pentapeptide that serves to provide the basic nutrients to the growing hair follicles. In addition to this, the follicle also stimulates hair growth and helps increase the number of lashes and eyebrows to give you a fuller and luxurious look.




Myristol pentapeptide is made up of a chain of nutritious amino acids that are necessary for the optimal growth of hair. These amino acids are the building blocks for hair follicles and are required as enzymes in a number of growth processes. Myristol pentapeptide serves the needs of the hair follicle for these amino acids, providing them with abundant building blocks to make long and thick lashes that stand out.


Once you optimise the nutrients and raw materials needed, the hair cells leap to the opportunity to produce magnificent long hair that provides you with fuller eyelashes and eyebrows.


Works at the level of the DNA.


Myristol pentapeptide, along with optimising the external conditions for hair growth also works its magic down to the very core of the hair cell. The peptide diffuses into the nucleus, where it interacts with a number of keratin-forming genes to activate them. These genes result in the rapid production of enzymes responsible for the production of keratin.


Now, keratin is the basic structural protein of hair. Hence, when keratin starts forming excessively, the eyelashes and eyebrows start growing thick. By this mechanism, myristoyl pentapeptide is able to stimulate the hair growth at all levels to provide with magnificently voluminous eyelashes and eyebrows that make an impact!


Faster delivery of nutrients to the cells.


The availability of nutrients is not enough for stimulating hair growth. The nutrients need to be pushed into the cell and into appropriate processes to hasten the production of hair. Hence, myristoyl pentapeptide steps in and stimulates the utilization of the nutrients that it so generously provides. All the processes are sped up as nutrients tumble in, ready for use. Ultimately, the production of hair is hastened and the results are evident, as thicker and fuller eyelashes appear after consistent use.


Many studies suggest the benefits of peptides for enhancing eyelashes and eyebrows. Some might compare their effect with other growth serums like prostaglandins. However, prostaglandins are associated with a range of side effects that could even endanger the health of your eye. Myristol pentapeptide, on the other hand, is proven to be side effect free, so that you can apply the serum on your eyebrows and eyelashes without the risk of harmful side effects.


The peptide has been shown to increase the eyelash length by 25% and even more if applied consistently.


Myristol pentapeptide is certainly one of the revolutionising products aimed at eyebrow and eyelash growth. However, you need to be careful of the purity of these serums. Minute impurities and the addition of toxic preservative chemicals can not only make the peptide ineffective, but can actually harm your eyes and hair.


Holy Berry cosmetics assure you of their products, including organic raw materials in the production of high-quality serums. The eyelash and eyebrow growth serum from holyberry cosmetics stand out as it delivers high levels of pure myristoyl pentapeptide that targets hair growth directly. You can also have voluminous lashes and fuller brows. Get your serum today for amazing eyelashes and eyebrows today.

Order yours here.

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