The Benefits of Mud Masks.


The Benefits of Mud Masks.


Our skin is the largest organ of the body and is also extremely exposed to the general surroundings. Not only this, it is very delicate also, especially the skin on our face. Every now and then, it needs proper management and nutrients to stay fresh and rejuvenated. However, with the extreme levels of toxins in the world today, it is extremely hard to protect your skin.


As a result, people have started to age before their time. Women as young as 30 years are dealing with wrinkles, fine lines and a number of other skin problems. There are some quite useful solutions that can help you preserve your skin and some of them are the Dead Sea mud mask & Healing Clay. Created with natural ingredients, The mud masks from holly berry cosmetics has a number of useful properties. Here we discuss the many reasons why this mask is so useful.


dead sea mud mask hollyberry cosmetics


Smoothens skin.


Our mud masks contains antitoxins and certain nutrients that promote the skin’s elasticity. This helps to remove and prevent any wrinkles and fine lines helping you freeze your age. In addition, the mask also minimises pores, giving you that flawless finish which many desire. The mask works to drain and remove all the toxic build up from your skin, refreshing it and making it clean and damage free.


We all have that nasty fat in certain areas, that is too stubborn to leave. Well, the high concentration of magnesium, calcium, and potassium helps counteract it. The minerals promote blood flow and hence hastens the removal of toxins from the body. This optimises the internal environment, relaxes nerves and soothes out any inflammatory processes.


The characteristic, cottage cheese like the appearance of cellulite sets it apart from regular patches of fat. It is produced due to the entrapment of fat and body fluids in the in the skin tissues. Often the tissues get inflamed and fibrosis which further complicates the process. Dead Sea mud mask has an extraordinary blood circulation improving quality. You can gently massage the mask on the troubled areas and see visible improvement after consistent application.


Relieves skin disorders.


Nowadays, skin disorders are very common and every next person is suffering from either psoriasis or eczema. Dead Sea mud mask has powerful exfoliating properties that help remove dead cells and debris from the skin. Once the environment is clean and free of toxins, the skin stands a better chance of recovery. Also, the soothing properties of Dead Sea mud mask help alleviate signs of inflammation and redness keeping your skin smooth and flawless.


Hair regrowth.


Although it sounds contradictory, Dead sea mud masks have been used to regrow hair and prevent hair loss. This is because early hair loss is usually caused due to certain infections and inflammations. The causes result in the shrinking of the blood vessels which cut off the nutrient supply to the hair follicles. Slowly, the follicles starve and resulting in stunted growth of hair.


Ultimately, the hair follicles die which results in the premature loss of hair. All of this can be prevented by the toxin relieving, blood supply improving and infection eradicating properties of Dead Sea mud mask. All you need to do is massage the mask into your scalp and let it sit for about 10 min. Simply rinse and shampoo. You will notice a prominent change after consistent use.


Relieves aches and pain.


Mud masks also has a therapeutic aspect. It has been used in the past for its effectiveness against osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Studies suggest the significance of this mask in fibromyalgia, sports injuries, tendonitis and other joint related disorders. Sore and aching muscles benefit from the pain relieving properties of this mask. You can apply the mask to the troubled area directly and allow it to work its magic. Another valuable way to use the mask is by combining it with detox soaks of Dead Sea salt. The two work with each other to provide an exaggerated relief.




Of course, the most prominent property of the Dead Sea mud mask is its ability to remove the toxins from the skin. You can use the mask to exfoliate your skin as well, which helps clean out all the dead cell build up. The circulatory boost accompanying the mud mask also promotes rapid drainage of toxins and delivery of healthy nutrients. This acts as a rapid detoxifying mechanism, which protects you from all the toxic chemicals in the environment.


Body wraps.


Dead Sea mud mask has been used by conventional spas and professional therapists as body wraps. The experts wrap the body in a thick coat of nourishing mud mask and allow the benefits of the mask to sink in. The mask detoxifies, enlightens and nourishes the skin, giving you that rejuvenated healthy look that you desire. The wrap also helps remove any pain and aches and provides a 360-degree treatment for your body.


Once the body is covered by the Dead Sea mud mask, the body temperature rises thanks to the increased blood flow. This allows rapid delivery of nutrients into the blood and hence, into the system. Furthermore, the elevated temperature favours dilatation of superficial blood vessels which help the blood to remove any harmful toxins from all the layers, giving you a thorough cleanse.


Clearly, there are a number of benefits of the Dead Sea mask. Not only does it have a role in promoting the skin beauty and health, it also helps to counteract body pain and has multiple effects on the hair growth also. You need to indulge in the magnificent properties of this nutritious mask to realise how beneficial it really is. Treat your skin to a nourishing treatment. Your skin deserves it!

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