Role of Retinol in Skin Care.


Role of Retinol in Skin Care.


There are a number of natural serums and nutrients out there with immense benefits and healing powers. Retinol is one such serum that you may come across every now and then. With serums becoming popular than ever, it is important that you choose the right one for the right reasons.



Retinol has numerous benefits or the whole body, but for skin care alone, the list goes on and on. Here we will highlight what retinol, is and what it contains, along with its importance in your daily skin care routine.


What is retinol?


Putting the question on the table, retinol is basically a compound related to vitamin A. It is considered to be a much weaker version of tretinoin, the extremely effective medicine used in acne. Although tretinoin is super active and can have consequences of its own, retinol, with its softer nature strikes the perfect chord between beneficial formula and minimal side effects.


How does retinol work?


Naturally, as it is an activated form of the vitamin A, it has many features and benefits similar to the vitamin. Retinol is said to promote cell turnover rate. This makes the cell layers of eh skin cleanse themselves as damaged cells age quickly and are shed off to reveal new and healthier skin. In addition to this, retinol also impedes collagen degradation in the deeper layers of the skin. At the same time, it also stimulates its production, helping to make the skin and get did f wrinkles and fine lines.


Role of retinol during skin care.


Clearly, now that you know how retinol really works, it’s not hard to figure out its benefits for the skin. It really targets the problems at the base and gets rid of all the pesky defects by simply making new skin to grow. Here we describe the uses of retinol and its benefits for your skin to help you realize how useful this serum really is.


  • Acne, the most prominent role of retinol is its effectiveness against acne. Particularly resistant acne that refuses to budge with other treatments shows improvement with retinol. The serum gets absorbed into the skin layers and helps to unclog the pores preventing future episodes of acne. This also allows all the other medications to reach the pores efficiently, increasing their effectiveness. One way they do this is by simply getting rid of the dead cells so that they do not clog pores. At the same time, it’s beneficial anti-inflammatory properties and antibacterial capabilities add to its list of reasons why it works so miraculously.



  • Wrinkles, nobody likes to age, however, due to the enormous levels of pollution in the atmosphere and huge toxin levels, our skin has started to age faster. Wrinkles and fine lines are a common problem in the late 20s and young women are infuriated by this problem. Retinol can help you fix any wrinkles and prevent them from occurring also. Thanks to the collagen preserving qualities of retinol it works like a miracle making your age freeze in the warm fizz of youth. Furthermore, retinol also has the power to stimulate the formation of new blood vessels which improves blood flow to the skin. This fades any spots, improves complexion and gives you a healthy, rosy glow.



  • Psoriasis, certain people have allergies that can result in a severe itch and disfiguring scars. When retinol is applied to these scars, it causes the skin to produce cells excessively. This helps to replace all the damaged cells, replacing it with fresh and healthy skin. Often, retinol is combined with steroids for a more effective therapy.



  • Warts, we all know that warts can be real trouble, especially if they are on your face. Sometimes they refuse to go away no matter what you do. R these resistant cases, health experts often recommend retinol. The turnover enhancing properties of the serum helps to force the wart to fall off. The defect is replaced with healthy, normal skin.



Things that you need to take care off when applying retinol.


Where they are a number of benefits of retinol for the skin, it does need a certain thing to be cautioned for safe use. The retinol serum is an activated compound and it’s always a good idea to follow the proper safety protocol to minimise any side effects once you apply it. Here are some things that you must pay particular attention to.


  1. No sun or UV light, once you apply the retinol serum, your skin is activated and very susceptible to damage by ultraviolet rays. It is best to avoid going out in the daytime and if it is absolutely necessary, then wearing a sunscreen with an SPF protection of 30 or higher is a must.
  2. Avoid overuse, using more product won’t produce any more benefits. Instead, it could lead to harm. Consult your doctor or health expert and never apply more than what they recommend.
  3. Moisturize and hydrate, retinol can cause dryness due to its oil sucking properties. Hence, it’s always a good idea to apply a moisturiser with the retinol. This will protect you from any dryness that could not only give you a bad look but can also interfere with the effectiveness of retinol itself.


All in all, the retinol serum is a magnificent blend of goodies with a broad list of useful properties for the skin. However, you need to be careful about the purity of these serums. Sometimes, retinol may be sold in an impure form, which can result in severe reactions on your face. Holly berry cosmetics is your trusted supplier of nutrient goodies, created to be 100% pure and original.


Get a hold of this nutrient serum from holly berry cosmetics and change your skin for the better. With retinol, you can easily revitalise your dead skin, in a jiffy!

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