4 Basic Beauty Tips To Care For Your Eyebrows.

4 Basic Beauty Tips To Care For Your Eyebrows.



Just as you care for your skin, hair and eyes, taking good care of your eyebrows is equally vital. Eyebrows help frame your face and enhance your overall look. So, whether they are thick or thin, long or short, with makeup or without makeup, natural or carefully shaped, you should always take care of your eyebrows. The following are essential tips on caring for your eyebrows.


Encourage growth.


Whatever you decide to do with your eyebrows, the healthier they are, the better, they will look. For proper hair growth, you require vitamins A, C and E. These food nutrients will enable your brows to grow thicker and in a healthy manner. On top of that, you can try using topical treatments like the eyebrow serum for beautiful brows. You can also use natural oils for example castor oil to encourage their growth. We recommend our eyebrow growth serum. Check out the latest price here. 



Know the best shape.


In the recent days, there are numerous fashion trends as far as eyebrows are concerned. There are those who like it painted, others prefer it bushy and thick, while others like it when they are totally plucked out. Your brows must enhance the shape of your face. To find out the best shape that suits your face, it is advisable to seek the help of a professional.


Removing extra hair.


Most people use tweezers to remove extra hair and very few require professional help for this process. Unfortunately, not everyone gets it right. Today, there are other methods of removing excessive hair follicles from your brows for example waxing and threading.


Although most people will disregard the need to go for a spruce up by an expert, it is the best way to ensure that your brows get that perfect shape. Doing it on your own is cheaper, but you will not be able to see everything you are doing, but a specialist will see and ensure that you get the value for your money.



Using make up.


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Properly and skilfully applied makeup can cover most shaping flaws and can also repair inborn concerns like sparse brows. When using a brow pencil, ensure that you use one that is drier to avoid getting an overdone look. To get an elegant, natural look, use simple, light strokes between the hair follicles. Do not use the pencil to paint or run through the hair. You can also use eyebrow gel or coloured gels to get better results.

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