Must-know Eyelash Care Tips.

Getting the perfect eyelashes is more than just finding the right mascara.

It is about caring for those tiny delicate hairs that make your eyelashes.


Lashes protect your eyes and make you look beautiful. The following are easy steps on how to care for your eyelashes to help them grow faster, thicker and stronger.




Most people are familiar with moisturising the face and the body but very few individuals understand the need and importance of moisturising eyelashes. Just like your face, moisturising eyelashes protects them from being weaker and easy break. On top of that, it helps them to grow faster and stronger. You can use eyelashes growth serum to enhance the growth of your, especially on dry, breakable ones.


Choose the right type of mascara.


Mascaras are known to boost the appearance of your eyelashes. However, low-quality ones can damage the lashes and even irritate your eyes. Therefore, ensure that you purchase high-quality mascaras that will not only boost the appearance of your lashes but will stimulate their growth. The best mascaras are those that contain essential vitamins and minerals that enhance the growth of eyelashes.


Use eyelashes growth serum.


If you have eyelashes that are thin, short and brittle, consider using growth serum. These beauty products contain essential elements like vitamins and minerals that help in extending the growth phase of your lashes. However, you should ensure that the product you are buying is FDA approved and is safe for human use. We recommend our eyelash growth serum. Find the latest price here. 



Avoid plucking your eyelashes.


The eyelashes are some of the most important features on your face, and you should therefore, be kind to them. Some people pluck the eyelash area. Instead of using these crude ways, consider using the right tools to spruce up your eyelashes. This way, you will ensure that they achieve a strong and healthy growth.


Avoid using soap to clean your eyelashes.


Ordinary soap contains harmful substances and chemicals that can affect the growth of your eyelashes. So, instead of using soap to clean them, use plain water and if it is a must that you use soap, use mild soap.

Just like your toothbrush, eyelash curlers also wear out. When you use worn out curlers, they can destroy the lashes and will not give you desired results. Therefore, replace these tools every 2 -3 months. Apart from damaging your lashes, worn out curlers can also be a source of contamination and infection of the eyelash area and even the eyes.


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